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Unleash Your Talents at Dungarvan Dramatic Club

Welcome to Dungarvan Dramatic Club, where the magic of the stage comes alive, and creativity knows no bounds! If you have a passion for drama, whether you’re an aspiring actor, a behind-the-scenes wizard, or someone who simply loves the thrill of live performances, you’ve come to the right place.

Discover Your Role

Our Club was founded in 1941 to “perform plays, promote culture and encourage good comradeship amongst its members”. 82 years later we continue to uphold these aims. The Club is an inclusive community group where  friendships are formed and members skills and talents are given ample opportunity to flourish both on stage and off, whichever is your preferred option (or both if you really want to stretch yourself!!!!)  


No experience necessary, enthusiasm and willingness to learn are advantages though! So if you have always dreamt of treading the boards, Dungarvan Dramatic Club is the place for you!


Have you a vision of how a play you love might be cast and brought from page to stage with the support of a production team? Our Club might be the forum for you to develop and use the skills needed to achieve this.

Backstage / Production Team

From set construction to lighting, sound effects , prompting, prop making, stage crew, stage management- if any of these are areas that you think you might be interested in, we’d be delighted to have you on board as part of our backstage team.


Do you have a knack for sewing ? Do you like browsing second hand clothing shops and using your imagination to reuse and re-purpose a cast off from another era? Then you’re an ideal candidate for the wardrobe department of our Club.


If you are interested in photography, graphic design, programme design, creating promotional material for use in a range of media and/or if you have computer or typing skills then you definetely have a role to play in Dungarvan Dramatic Club. Work here is ongoing as we endeavour to promote the Club the whole year round and not just at production time.

Front of House

If you enjoy meeting people and creating a welcoming atmosphere, be it at our ticket desk , during interval refreshment time,or selling raffle tickets consider joining our front of house team. We always need people here to cover the usual 4 night run of our productions.

Joining our Club is easy!

*We currently have a membership fee of €10.00- this covers the cost of member insurance.